About Soul Fire Counseling

Soul Fire Counseling LLC is a private counseling and wellness practice founded in 2021 by Taylor Scott, M.A, PLPC. Taylor Eudy, M.Ed, PLPC joined later that year, followed by Christine Hayes Picker, MOT, OTR/L in 2022. 

Taylor Scott chose the name Soul Fire to “represent the idea of nurturing each individual’s unique flame of passion for life- the fire that gives us the gift of resilience amongst life’s many challenges.” Our “soul’s fire” burns brightest when we experience symbiotic harmony of our mind, body and spirit. As a practice, we defined this state as peace of the mind, homeostatic equilibrium of the body, and loving connection to the Soul Fire of the spirit.

The practice’s niche in cannabis evolved from the Taylors’ shared experience and interest in combining counseling with the field of medical cannabis. Both agreed that there was a gap in help between a patient being prescribed medical cannabis, and that patient experiencing desired results. As helping professionals who also specialize in cannabis, the pair began to devise treatment and services that could reasonably bridge that gap. 

Face with flowers painted in glow in the dark paint
Image of cannabis plant

Whilst working in cannabis education and retail since the birth of the Missouri industry in 2020, the Taylors witnessed trends arising in patient needs. They realized that integrating cannabis into wellness could  happen through many different avenues. The pair sought insight from other healthcare professionals for the sake of rounding out the practice’s ability to provide treatment. Occupational therapist Christine Hayes Picker, OT, OTR/L, who has years of experience in community-based, mental health settings , joined the Soul Fire team in 2022 to share in our mission.

After hours of combing through the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics, Missouri Constitution Article XIV, and the Department of Health and Senior Services website of resources and guidelines, the Taylors came to the conclusion that offering cannabis-assisted counseling was ethical, lawful, and safe; given that certain conditions are met. Soul Fire is committed to providing ethical services, thus this page is a tool in transparency regarding identified ethical, legal, and safety conditions. Clients can also expect these conditions to be reviewed with their practitioner.  We know it is not only our mission but also our duty as mental health care providers  to provide this cannabis wellness population with our services. Furthermore, we will share with you our mission, values, vision, and guiding principles that serve us in our practice. 

Assisting, Educating, and Supporting human beings to become agents of their own holistic wellness.

Soul Fire Counseling LLC assists individuals with kindling their inner spark of uniqueness that illuminates the path to a deeply meaningful and passionate life. By tuning into one’s authentic experiences, we hope to constructively assist, educate, and support humans in the meaningful pursuit of agency over one’s own holistic wellness.

We work as a team to help individuals, communities, and society as a whole evolve by offering one-on-one sessions, group sessions, psychoeducational outreach, energy work, and much more. You can follow our work on Instagram @soulfirecounseling on social media.

We further our mission by;

  • Advocating for the right of all people to access plant medicines that can improve the quality of life and promote healing in human beings. 
  • Educating the community about the informed, careful, and gentle use of cannabis medicine to guide individuals in their unique treatment with cannabis.
  • Bringing honest awareness to the healing properties of cannabis as well as the risks for misuse.
  • Guiding individuals in accessing their unique brand of courageous and inspired energy, which stands as the opposite energy of trauma. We do this through traditional counseling methods as well as informed experiences of the self with and without cannabis.
  • Cultivating an environment and community that dismantles the stigmas and prejudices related to cannabis use, mental illness, and counseling.
  • Assisting clients in experiencing their body sensations safely and for the purpose of teaching how to understand one’s own signals for help and regulation. 

We envision a world in which all people have reasonable, equitable access and  knowledge of effective methods for healing the whole self. These methods include but are not limited to mental health counseling, occupational therapy, spiritual healing practices, and integrative cannabis medicine.

If we are not in alignment with the following values, we press pause to see what we must shift. As practitioners and people, we profoundly care about our clients and the work we do.

  • Curiosity
    • We remain open to the possibilities of what is new, holding hope for what can be restorative and healing. 
    • We create working partnerships with our clients as the experts of their authentic experience in order to facilitate individualized healing. 
    • We dedicate time and resources to learning more about alternative ways of healing as science and research progress. 
    • We intend to collect data on intervention safety and effectiveness, remaining open to ways we can grow and learn from our clients.
  • Integrity
    • We are transparent about our work in both intention and reasoning. We interact with the world in a respectful way, and leave a footprint that serves as a platform for helping others rise. We practice healing in ways that are for the benefit of the client while carefully refraining from inflicting harm. We strive for our practice to be supremely ethical and lawful.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • We recognize the importance and beauty of diversity within the oneness of humanity and celebrate the differences that make up our identities. 
    • We enthusiastically support the pursuit of justice and equity of all people and vow to use our privilege to uplift the voices of those who have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised.
    • When we fan the flames of our unique fire within, we feel secure, worthy, and passionate about sharing our gifts with the world. 
    • Soul Fire Counseling LLC supports equitable access to individual healing and wellness. 
  • Safety
    • The wellbeing of the individual  takes precedence above all else. 
    • We carefully tune into our client’s sense of safety in their environment, body, mind, and spirit. We do this through the utilization of evidence based practices,  data collection and research, and adherence to ethical codes and guidelines . 
    • We respect and encourage autonomy in our clients, and view client consent to all therapeutic activities as a prerequisite.
  • Letting Our Soul Fire Lead the Way
    • We believe that in order to do what we love everyday and bring the best care to our clients and each other, we must follow our soul’s “fire”. In other words, we believe every meeting we have, every idea, every session requires us to tap into our passion. We believe that this passion– our soul’s fire –gives us restorative creative energy, compassion for ourselves and our predicaments, motivation to be our best selves, and the will to remain resilient in the face of life’s obstacles. 

Client’s Authentic Experience is King

  • Every client is the expert in their own experience of life. Treatment is determined and led by the client’s goals, individual pace of healing, and consent for interventions. We vow to proceed in a way that is in the best interest of the individual, even if that means recognizing that the client’s authentic experience is that our work together is not helping them heal. 

Persist Through Stigma

  • We have chosen to specialize in an intersection of two scientifically-supported yet culturally stigmatized fields of healing: medicinal cannabis and mental health counseling. Despite the social controversy, we have witnessed and experienced the healing capabilities of both individually, and when used together. It is our responsibility as professionals with appropriate education, training, and experience in these fields to both advocate for and to aid others in navigating this intersection of healing practices.

Attunement to Neuro-Emotional Feedback

  • Our focus in all forms of treatment remains on staying in touch with the clients Soul Fire, or their core uniqueness of human spirit. When we kindle this flame, we believe an individual is able to access a place of growth and healing that transcends physical, mental, and spiritual plains. We access this flame through mindfulness and refined “listening” to the body and emotional experience of the client in session, while teaching the client how to understand and interpret these queues as well.