About Soul Fire Counseling

Soul Fire Counseling LLC is a private counseling and wellness practice founded in 2021 by Taylor Scott, M.A, PLPC. Taylor Eudy, M.Ed, PLPC joined later that year, followed by Christine Hayes Picker, MOT, OTR/L in 2022. 

Taylor Scott chose the name Soul Fire to “represent the idea of nurturing each individual’s unique flame of passion for life- the fire that gives us the gift of resilience amongst life’s many challenges.” Our “soul’s fire” burns brightest when we experience symbiotic harmony of our mind, body and spirit. As a practice, we defined this state as peace of the mind, homeostatic equilibrium of the body, and loving connection to the Soul Fire of the spirit.

The practice’s niche in cannabis evolved from the Taylors’ shared experience and interest in combining counseling with the field of medical cannabis. Both agreed that there was a gap in help between a patient being prescribed medical cannabis, and that patient experiencing desired results. As helping professionals who also specialize in cannabis, the pair began to devise treatment and services that could reasonably bridge that gap. 

Face with flowers painted in glow in the dark paint
Image of cannabis plant

Whilst working in cannabis education and retail since the birth of the Missouri industry in 2020, the Taylors witnessed trends arising in patient needs. They realized that integrating cannabis into wellness could  happen through many different avenues. The pair sought insight from other healthcare professionals for the sake of rounding out the practice’s ability to provide treatment. Occupational therapist Christine Hayes Picker, OT, OTR/L, who has years of experience in community-based, mental health settings , joined the Soul Fire team in 2022 to share in our mission.

After hours of combing through the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics, Missouri Constitution Article XIV, and the Department of Health and Senior Services website of resources and guidelines, the Taylors came to the conclusion that offering cannabis-assisted counseling was ethical, lawful, and safe; given that certain conditions are met. Soul Fire is committed to providing ethical services, thus this page is a tool in transparency regarding identified ethical, legal, and safety conditions. Clients can also expect these conditions to be reviewed with their practitioner.  We know it is not only our mission but also our duty as mental health care providers  to provide this cannabis wellness population with our services. Furthermore, we will share with you our mission, values, vision, and guiding principles that serve us in our practice.