Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy (CAP)

Offered to Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients, Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy is unlike any other for the integration of cannabis medicine and mental health counseling. Consisting of a series of active use and processing sessions, our counselors support the patient in medical use of legally prescribed cannabis.

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Having been uniquely educated in both mental health and cannabis, it is our ethical responsibility to assist in bridging the gap between patients getting a prescription and feeling desired results.

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The Experience

One can expect to feel thoroughly supported and safe in the experience, as our counselors aid patients in navigating the lowest-necessary dose to effectively provide relief for their qualifying conditions. Sessions may include guided mindfulness, grounding, meditation, and breathwork as well as artistic and physical expression and positive life-experiencing activities. Our focus in sessions remains on the allowing of cannabis to integrate with our being for the purpose of comfort, peace, and healing.

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Cannabis is viewed as a supplement by the body rather than a drug. It encourages the body’s natural process of maintaining homeostasis. This state can be a precursor to the ‘safe’ feeling that helps us become open to sharing our experiences, accessing our memories, and experiencing ourselves without our daily defenses that protect us from past trauma or what we don’t like within us.

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Our counselors are both licensed Medical Marijuana Agents with the State of Missouri, have specialized training in cannabis-assisted psychotherapy, and presently work within the medical marijuana industry as wellness specialists and advocates for plant medicine.

Our Counselors

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Taylor Scott

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Taylor Eudy

Have Questions?

We realize this is a new concept in the field of Mental Health, and it can raise questions for both patients and healthcare professionals.  We have Cannabis information and research available. If you would like to receive this information, or wish to have one of our qualified counselors speak to your group, please submit a request for information.