Taylor Eudy, M.Ed, PLPC (she/her)

Mental Health Counseling

In a session, Taylor Eudy intentionally creates space for the client to process their authentic experiences. She uses methods from various evidenced-based practice theories to create meaningful and personalized treatment that targets areas for growth determined by the client. Taylor enjoys balancing eastern and western ideologies in treating the modern whole self. She is known for using humor in session, and strives to connect with her clients in a genuine way.

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Outside of my own experience, because I definitely know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, I find myself armed with a deep understanding of human emotion that I use to help others, as well as myself, navigate this life.

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Cannabis Counseling

In her practice that incorporates cannabis into counseling, Taylor leans deeply into her education skills to provide clients with practical knowledge in how to navigate their own healing with cannabis. Using research-based counseling practices in combination with understandings of cannabis pharmacokinetics and cannabis science, Taylor provides a service that closes the gap between being prescribed medical marijuana and feeling desirable results.

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Cannabis may not be for everyone, and I believe I have the necessary education and experience to assist a person in safely figuring out if that is true. While a physician has determined that a patient may benefit from cannabis, that same physician does not likely know how or have the time to guide that patient through cannabis treatment. They aren’t going to sit with them and consider 40 different strains, hundreds of products with insufficient directions, or how/when to use those products to best target their needs. I am uniquely qualified to do just that, and much more. In my opinion, it is irresponsible for me to not provide this service when the number of Missouri Medical patients is in the hundreds of thousands. Who is teaching them how to use their medicine safely?

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“I enjoy working with emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. I also find that I have a knack for working with people with identity issues- like self esteem, finding one’s purpose, assessing personality, and knowing/loving oneself. I enjoy helping people through life stress and tough changes, and feel specifically drawn to artists and creative types of people. I work well with musicians and performing artists, and can even help people navigate career changes and vocational issues. Basically, if you are an adult human and life is just hard right now, I feel you, I see you, and I want to help you navigate to the better season of life to come.”

Taylor Eudy is a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (License Number 2022009295) in the State of Missouri. Taylor Eudy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lindenwood University (2015) as well as a Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Missouri in St. Louis (2021). Taylor is currently practicing under the clinical supervision of Angel Kramer (License Number 2018006137). Taylor has over 3 years of seeing clients in the counseling capacity, and 8 years in the educational capacity. In her time seeing clients, Taylor has developed specialties in helping adult individuals with problems such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, identity issues, performance artist issues, stress, spirituality, and medical cannabis psychoeducation and therapy.

Taylor is qualified to work with medical marijuana patients in several ways. She is a Missouri state-licensed Medical Marijuana Agent (License Number AGT000158, Exp 08/03/2023), and a Certified Cannabis Consultant (certification issued through the Bloom Academy of Cannabis in 2020). Taylor has served two years in the medical cannabis industry as a wellness specialist at the first-to-open dispensary in Missouri, and has a year of experience as the Company Education Facilitator for a chain of Missouri-based dispensaries that also includes a manufacturing plant and transportation facility. During her continued time as the Company Education Facilitator, Taylor has used extensive research to create cannabis-science training courses for the purpose of training dispensary personnel in better serving Missouri medical patients. Taylor has also given presentations to multiple local mental health practitioners and practices on medical marijuana in order to assist professionals in helping their clients gain access to informed treatment with cannabis.

Outside of cannabis, Taylor worked for 2 years in acute inpatient behavioral health units at Missouri hospitals, followed by 6 months in elementary school behavioral health classrooms. Taylor has done much volunteerism in the past, logging countless hours for several local animal shelters and hospice care organizations.

Her honors, accolades, and publications include:

  1. Member of the Psi chapter of Chi Sigma Iota (the International Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society) during her time at UMSL.
  2. Conducting her own research (with research partner Marissa Lamey) on the intersections of Musicians, Mental Illness, and Addiction, resulting in the creation of a proposed 9-week psychoeducational group outline for benefiting populations.
  3. Publication blog articles with organizations such as The Mighty and The Weed Blog.

While Taylor has training in cannabis science and education, she is not nor claims to be a medical doctor of any kind. She is not authorized to offer medical advice, or write prescriptions for Medical Marijuana. All cannabis-assisted treatment offered by Taylor Eudy is contingent upon client’s consent and legal access to Missouri Medical Marijuana. Clients of Taylor Eudy will be required to complete regular service efficacy assessments that track treatment progress, effectiveness, and assess for potential risk or harm. All clients of Taylor Eudy are required to complete various informed consent and liability paperwork prior to starting sessions. Taylor Eudy practices only within the scope of practice of provisionally licensed professional counselors in the state of Missouri. Taylor Eudy’s practice abides by the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics, Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution (Missouri Medical Marijuana Law), and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines.


Talk therapy sessions; various methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Existential Therapy: with Somatic, Person-Centered, and Strength-Based Approaches. Taylor Eudy specializes in mood disorders, identity, stress, finding life purpose, and general wellness.

Price: $75 per session

(4 sliding scale openings on case-load ranging from $50-$75 : all are currently FULL)

Talk therapy (see above) in combination with cannabis education and guided medicated experiencing to achieve client-designed goals that target the reason for Medical Marijuana prescription as it pertains to the whole self and its wellbeing.

Treatments may include use of CBD, THC or other active cannabis agents.


Price: $100 per session

(No sliding scale option for this service)

Research-informed presentation covering various topics such as:

  • How to apply for a Missouri Medical License
  • Why cannabis is a viable option for patients
  • Basic cannabis science and pharmacology
  • History of U.S. cannabis illegalization
  • History of cannabis before U.S. illegalization
  • Safety concerns, adverse effects, and some known drug interactions
  • The role of practitioners in facilitating access to cannabis medicine for clients
  • Resources for practitioners and patients
  • Strains and phenotypes
  • Pharmacokinetics of cannabis
  • The Medical Marijuana industry
  • Products available in the Missouri Medical Marijuana market and how to use/dose
  • Navigating the dispensary experience
  • And MUCH MORE!

Price: *Contact for pricing

(pricing will vary based on length of presentation, presentation content, and group size.)

A recurring service, typically 4-8 sessions, with open and closed group options. Co-facilitated by Taylor Scott, M.A, PLPC. Group members screened for cohesiveness of goals and purpose. Post-group assessment administration. Many focuses/topics offered:

  • Cannabis education and experiencing
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Empowerment / Self-Esteem
  • Professional development
  • And MUCH MORE!

Price: *Pricing varies with group offering; see group details for more information on pricing.

(pricing will vary based on length of group, group content, and group size.)

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