What is Usai Reiki?

Usai Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that focuses on regaining harmony and wholeness in the body on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Where Reiki Fits Into Your Healing Options

Usai Reiki is offered through our practice by Taylor Scott who uses Reiki as a way to assist those in need with a more intuitive integrative healing. With Reiki, you can expect to feel new sensations and awareness in the body while relaxing and surrendering your energy to yourself. Nerves hold our trauma experiences, and Reiki is a wonderful and gentle tool in bringing the mind and body into a soul-like mindfulness that relaxes and gets you moving in your restorative process. Reiki is great paired with trauma informed yoga or a mental health therapy.

“In this process I am not the guru healing all of your energy. I gently remind your body of its health and abundance by focusing on spots that feel stuck or need loving guidance to relieve. At times I may ask you to breathe deeply, stretch, or even shake out the pent up emotions and energies in the body. Our emotions are all stored in our body’s nerves. My goal is to offer your system access to all necessary loving attention for deep, restorative healing with this service.”  

Usai Reiki Practitioner

Taylor Scott is a intuitive reiki practitioner, Missouri Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor and Medical Marijuana Agent. She seeks to bring energy psychology, mindfulness, and more Eastern-like approaches into the room with the client. The reason for this is that she believes the traditional practices of western medicine and therapy is limited in its ability to capture the wholeness of the human experience. She invites you to safely navigate your emotional and physical body in new ways so that you become the expert in healthfully managing your life’s ups and downs.